Products & Services

We offer a variety of products & services including but not limited to the following ….

– Landscaping Rocks (pallets/individual) –

examples of pallets
examples of pallets

We sell the following rock based off weight – either ton or pounds depending on how much your project is requiring.

Patio / Flagstone Chop / Edging Rock
Slabs / StepsCreek Stone
Boulders Brick
Pricing Varies

We HIGHLY recommend visiting our store to see what we have available, as coloring and size options always varies.

Variety of trees/shrubs

Common Shrubs/Trees in our Area:

Azaleas Japanese Maples Junipers
Arborvitae Redbuds Butterfly Bushes
Leland Cypress Magnolias ..

& much much more!!

Perennials/Annuals/Bulbs & seeds based off the season

annuals, vegetables, and perennials for fall are here!

House plants

We’ve been expanding our horizons & have focused a little more on house plants in our shop. We have all kinds to fit almost any household …

Looking for a specific houseplant? Contact us and we will see what we can do!

Pots, Planter Accessories

– moss poles
– terra cotta pots
– garden decor
-rain chains/windchimes
-seasonal decor
– plant stands
– gnomes
– ceramic pots
– lawn accessories
and much much more

Plant Food, Fertilizer, Amendments & Pesticides

Products we offer :

  • Plant food
  • Fertilizer (roses, vegetable, all purpose, etc)
  • neem oil
  • fungicide
  • gnat control
  • weed killer
  • rooting stimulator
  • succlent & cactus soil, bagged soil, perlite, other planting mediums
  • bone meal, calcium nitrate, blood meal
  • landscaping fabric
  • grass seed

from brands including :

  • Earth Juice
  • Dr Earth
  • Fertilome
  • Pro Care
  • Fox farm
  • Captain Jacks
  • Pennington

& more!!

Creeks Nursery
8542 W McNelly rd
Bentonville, AR 72712


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