Yes, we can deliver to the Bentonville/Bella Vista area! A delivery fee does apply & sometimes we are able to deliver further with an additional fee.

All of our bulk materials are sold by the yard. Our delivery truck can hold up to 6 yards of gravel/topsoil/sand & up to 8 yards of mulch at a time. Delivery fee applies per truck.

How Much does 1 yard cover?

Small – 0.5/1″100 sqft
Medium – 1.5″90 sqft
Large – Oversized80 sqft
approximate measurements 2-3 inches deep

Not sure how much you need for your project? Please click the link below!

Cubic Yards Calculator (

Rock / Gravel

Screenings (with powder)

1.5″ to Fines (with powder) / “Sb2”

0.5″ Clean Limestone Chips

1″ Clean Limestone

1.5″ Clean Limestone

0.5″ River Rock

3/4″ River Rock

1.5″ River Rock

Oversized Rock

Small Chocolate Rock

Medium Chocolate Rock

Large Chocolate Rock

Large Colorado Rock

Sandy Grit

Chocolate Sandy Grit


Natural Mulch

Red Mulch

Brown Mulch

Black Mulch

Topsoil/ Amendments

Sifted Topsoil


Planter’s Mix

Mason Sand

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